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Song Sites

If there's any navigating problems or any other
problems, please let me know. Enjoy XD

Oh yes. Websites for songs. These are not even nessisarily my favourites, though some are at the time.
Feel free to click and listen to the ones available (if you do not have dial-up)*! I own nothing whatsoever, so please. don't. sue me. :-]

You can check out more of my music on my StereoKiller Profile, although it's been many months since I've logged on. I also added most of my favourite bands to My MySpace, but it's also been a long time since I updated that list.

Ooo! And I highly recomend MusicMap for finding more music you like if you want some new stuff... it's definitely amazing.


   12 Stones                   |     "Photograph"
   3 Doors Down                |     "
Ticket To Heaven"
   Acceptance                  |     "
Black Lines To Battlefields"
   Acceptance                  |     "
   Acceptance                  |     "In The Cold"
   AFI                         |     "Silver And Cold"
   AFI                         |     "
Love Like Winter [Mandie Remix]"
   All American Rejects        |     "
Dirty Little Secret"
   All American Rejects        |     "Change Your Mind"
   Angelzoom                   |     "Fairyland"
   Anggun                      |     "Snow On The Sahara"

   Anna Nalick                 |     "Breathe (2 AM)"
   Annie Lennox [LOTR:ROTK]    |     "Into The West"
   Barenaked Ladies            |     "Testing 1, 2, 3"
   Barlow Girl                 |     "
5 Minutes Of Fame"
   Barlow Girl                 |     "
   Barlow Girl                 |     "
Never Alone"
   Better Days Ahead           |     "
Maybe You"
 BT                -    "Somnambulist"
   Cascada                     |     "Every Time We Touch"
   Cascada                     |     "
   Dido                        |     "My Lover's Gone"
   Evanescence                 |     "Anywhere"
   Evanescence                 |     "Away From Me"
   Evanescence                 |     "Call Me When You're Sober"
   Evanescence                 |     "Missing"
   Evanescence                 |     "My Immortal"
   Falling Up                  |     "Bittersweet"
   Falling Up                  |     "
   Falling Up                  |     "
Falling In Love"
   Falling Up                  |     "Intro The Gravity"
   (composed by) Frank Ticheli |     "
An American Elegy" *
   Goo Goo Dolls               |     "Acoustic #4"
   Goo Goo Dolls               |     "
Better Days"

   Goo Goo Dolls               |     "
Black Balloon"
   InuYasha Soundtrack         |     "Every Heart"
   InuYasha Soundtrack         |     "
Fukai Mori"
   Jem                         |     "24"
   Josh Gracin                 |     "
I Wanna Live"
   Josh Gracin                 |     "
The Other Little Soldier"
   Ladder 49 Soundtrack        |     "Shine Your Light"
   Linkin Park                 |     "
Forgotten"       |
   Linkin Park                 |     "
My December"      ] *
   Linkin Park                 |     "
Papercut"        _|
   LostPhrophets               |     "Last Train Home"
   Mae                         |     "Breakdown"
   Mae                         |     "
Giving It Away"
   Mae                         |     "Sun [Acoustic]"
   Martina McBride             |     "Concrete Angel"
   Matchbox 20                 |     "
Hand Me Down"
   Matt Brouwer                |     "
   Matthew West                |     "
You Know Where To Find Me"
   Natalie Grant               |     "
   Nickelback                  |     "Photograph"
   Pillar                      |     "Hypnotized"
   Pillar                      |     "
   P.O.D.                      |     "
Will You?"
   Puddle Of Mudd              |     "
Spin You Around"
   Relient K                   |     "Be My Escape"
   Relient K                   |     "
Maintain Consciousness"
   Relient K                   |     "
Sadie Hawkins Dance"
   Seether (ft. Amy Lee)       |     "Broken"*
   Seventh Day Slumber         |     "Caroline"
   Shinedown                   |     "
Burning Bright"
   Simple Plan                 |     
untitled song

   Simple Plan                 |     "Welcome To My Life"
   Skillet                     |     "Imperfection"   TEMPORARILY
   Skillet                     |     "Open Wounds"       DOWN
   Skillet                     |     "Yours To Hold"

   Spoken                      |     "Sleep Well Tonight"
   Stacie Orrico               |     "
Dear Friend"
   Staind                      |     "
Right Here"
   Sting                       |     "
Shape Of My Heart"
   Story Of The Year           |     "
Anthem Of Our Dying Day"
   Story Of The Year           |     "
   The Used                    |     "On My Own"
   The Used                    |     "
The Taste Of Ink"
   Thousand Foot Krutch        |     "
Breathe You In"
   Thousand Foot Krutch        |     "
This Is A Call"
   Thousand Foot Krutch        |     "
   Thousand Foot Krutch        |     "
When In Doubt"
   Three Days Grace            |     "Wake Up"
   Train                       |     "When I Look To The Sky"
   Trapt                       |     "
   TRUSTcompany                |     "
Crossing The Line"
   TRUSTcompany                |     "The Fear"
   "Weird Al" Yankovic         |     "Albuquerque"
   ZOEgirl                     |     "Scream"

The song sites on 'uberroxmysox', which I think are just the two songs by Skillet, have been deleted for whatever reason. Those will be back up when I get a chance to redo them. Thanks.
* "An American Elegy" is an awesome band arrangment. There's a link to information to it on it's song-site, but also here.
* I made a really funny (to some, anyways) addition to "Broken"'s song-site. Check it out in it's navigation as "What If..."! XD

* Linkin Park songsites also have an additional page to fit its remixed song from CD "Reanimation" and/or "Collision Course" if there is a remix available.
* These Song Sites, nor the songs that are linked on the 'Wicked' or 'Rent' pages, will NOT play properly if you do NOT have a fast internet connection (i.e. Cable).

The site that has the "NEW" animation next to is not nessisarily brand new, but it is the newEST. Could be a couple days or a couple months. Just check the top of the page for the date on the newest one. Sometimes school and work keeps me from this. For obvious reasons.
Anyway, the songs in purple are the five newest ones (assuming that I can remember even those). The songs in black are just the ones that are older then that.