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Yo to ALL!
06-19-07  01:29
  Finally, school's out
  Well, let's skip formalities, aye?: old website. It's old. And it's obnoxious. The end. 
  I'm 17 and I'm a nerd. Thank you, proud of it. My MySpace [-coughoverratedcough-] is over there ->. So are other cool[er] links. GUESTBOOK. That's right. Guestbook. It's even linked and everything for you... on EVERY PAGE. Sooo... get to it? Please?
  I have no idea when I'll update. Between the amount of homework and the amount of sickness... I think it's impossible for me to get a good gaming hour in edgewise, let alone update my webpage. So until I find some time, I'm sorry, deal with the boring stuff from forever ago. Buy yourself a good book or a new game. Don't blame me for your boredum.

  So YAR! WELCOME! To my not-so-new [and not-so-improved] site-of-'oh-my-jello-it's-Hannah's-website' SITE! Yeah. HAHAH... a... A.
  Exactly like that.

  So yeah, aaaanyway. Uh... be gone. Sign yon guestbook. Visit the websites to the right that are actually good. I especially recommend Red Vs. Blue now that the series is one episode from completion. Seriously funny stuff. Click here for episode one.
  Uhm... yeah. That's all. -bows-



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